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When it comes to flooring, you have a lot of companies to choose from with many options that can sometimes make it difficult to find the right company for your needs.  At Ernie's Carpet and Vinyl we make the selection process simple because we can bring the showroom to you, or you can come visit our showroom. We have very competitive prices on all our flooring products along with a caring staff that focuses on your satisfaction and overall experience with us.  “We do it right the 1st time.”

We provide everything you need from the purchase of the carpet, tile, laminate, wood, vinyl or other flooring, to the installation with superior customer service and care. We have many colors and brands to choose from with the highest quality and most cost effective flooring solutions.

We provide services to residential and business customers.  Now with a new showroom open to the public in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

We offer shop at home or on site consultation. You will receive a high quality product and installation at the lowest price available.

We're here to service you!!!! Since we want our clients to keep coming back to us for any future flooring needs customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.  We rely on referrals and happy customers to grow our business.  That’s why we believe in a win, win scenario.

Make that change today and transform your home.  Check out our large selection of the most popular brands from all major flooring manufacturers.

With more than 15 years of experience we guarantee you'll love your entire experience with Ernie's Carpet and Vinyl, Inc.

We also sell our flooring products at wholesale prices for those of you only needing the product.  Please call us at (954)295-6000 and inquire about our selection and prices.


Get to know our owner.  Below is an article written for Departamento 19, a newspaper based in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  The journalist outlines Ernesto's humble beginnings and his pursuits in the U.S.

Ernesto, the Honduran immigrant who built his "American dream" in Fort Lauderdale

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TUESDAY AUGUST 9, 2011 19:32

Tegucigalpa / Florida (USA) - "Quality is never an accident, is just the result of good intention," reads the slogan of the company "Ernie's Carpet and Vinyl”.  A marvelous emporium of the world of construction based in Davie Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale.  Owned by Ernesto Suarez, a Honduran who came to Miami 17 years ago and now shines in the United States.

Son of Honduran and Cuban parents, Ernesto Suarez was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, on January 11th.   Today he’s married and has two children to whom he dedicates his success and victories.

His ambition and a bit of luck led him to radically change his immigration status and to open opportunities to many people with direct and indirect jobs.

His faith and perseverance is what he believes has been the support at different times of his life; told Department 19, in the following interview in which he showed his skills as a good talker and storyteller.

His beginnings:

Ernesto started his business just under a decade, thanks to knowledge and savings throughout his treasured year.  A product of hard work that says "never missed".

Since arriving to the U.S. he performed many jobs such as construction, gardening, sales, etc.

Years later, after research and finding a demand in the ​​construction area, lead him to create and start his dream. Achievement and satisfaction is what he feels when he comes to his office and walks the hallways of the spacious warehouses where he keeps all his materials of impeccable quality.

This Honduran had a vision and despite of all the discrimination he suffered in an strange land, he decides to go on in achieving his goal "Ernie's Carpet & Vinyl".

Having acquired extensive knowledge in the field of flooring, he wishes he will be popular enough to reach a position in record time (in the demanding U.S. market) as a wholesale distributor of flooring. Although, he confessed his specialty is making home renovations from the modest to the more sophisticated mansions of the rich and famous.

Today, his impeccable work also extends into the installation and repairs of private jets, yachts, Rv’s and planes to celebrities such as Donald Trump.  


D/19: How long ago did you come to America?

I came January 16, 1994, at the age of 17, with a tourist visa and a suitcase full of dreams.

Having only a basic education and a single language (Spanish) in a foreign land; I admit it was not easy.  I took English classes at night, at a local school in the city of Fort Lauderdale.  After 38 days I learned the basics.  Armed with a dictionary pocket that went with me everywhere.

D/19: What was your first job? 

I got my first job in the construction area, earning the sum of $3.25 an hour, the work was hard and I knew that I was being discriminated since at that time the minimum wage was $5.25 an hour.  I worked very hard for 2 months until my body couldn’t handle it anymore.  Working on the roofs of these buildings with a weekly salary of $130.00.

Ernesto Suarez-002 

Then I got a job in gardening, in which I got paid $40.00 a day.  The owner moved out of state after a month and I was unemployed again.  Then I got a job at the local flea market, selling from vegetables to pins.

Working at the flea market I improved my English as much as I could, to the point of getting rid of my accent.  I began to show off each of my sales: “perfumes for ladies and gentleman” (to improve sales for the owner of the bazaar). After 2 years, I was promoted to store manager.  My job description had change, I was no longer in the store.  Instead, I was assigned a truck and a trailer in which I transported all of the merchandise (perfumes) to a different city every weekend, across the nation.

I continued in the perfume business for another 2 years, until the owner and friend of mine sold the business.  He decided to go on for bigger things.  He purchased 3 fast food restaurants “Miami Subs”.  I was not willing to moved to Orlando as am very close to my family who lives here in South Florida.

D/19: Prior to having your own business, did you performed any other jobs, besides the ones already mentioned?

After having an excellent job in the perfume business, it was very difficult to have another one like it.  I had 13 different jobs before finding the one that I do now.  The obstacles that stood in my way, only grew bigger and bigger every time I thought of my illegal status in this country.   However nothing dimmed my desire to succeed.

Born "Ernie's Carpet & Vinyl"

D/19: What services does your company provide?

My company provides installation and sales of carpet, tile, wood, laminate, marble, vinyl and floor inspections for commercial and residential customers.   From time to time, I also donate my services to provide help to the community.

The wide coverage we offer has allowed me to legitimately adopt new avenues and open a new gap of opportunities and leave an indelible mark in the local economy of the city of Fort Lauderdale, where we’re currently established.

Ernesto Suarez-003 

D/19: How many hours do you spend on the job?

The carpet may take 3 hours, the wood floors around 8 hours, the tile 14 hours and the vinyl about 5 hours. 

Immigrants and the "American Dream"

D/19: What advise would you give to the people who leaves Honduras in search of the "American Dream"?

I think all immigrants should be prepare as much as possible before "jumping the rope".  I emphasize this in the issue of language, as it’s essential for success and fulfillment of any goal.

D/19:  According to you, what are the better paying jobs in America?

Electrician,  contractors, wholesale distributors .  They can make $800 to $1500 per week, if they’re quick and responsible in their work.

Ernesto Suarez-004 

D/19: How do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself with one or two more additional stores; perhaps franchise but only as a wholesale distributor for flooring.

Ernesto does not forget his roots

Proof of this are his trips to Honduras, once or twice a year. In the company of his family. Holidays, Christmas, Easter is the best excuse to bring back memories of childhood days.  The good old days he lived with his family and friends.

His heart, he says, is always in Honduras.  A five-star country for it’s accommodations, the culture, the people, the food and the good old days which he will never forget. 

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