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Floor Installations, carpet binding, serging & more


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Hardwood Flooring

Enhance the look of your home, low maintenance & easy to clean, strong & durable, adds value to your home, doesn't fade, long-lasting 


Porceline Tile

 durable & hard wearing material that is resistant to harsh cleaning agents, scratches, stains, fading & fire


Vinyl Plank Flooring

Waterproof, realistic visuals, easy to clean & maintain, extremely durable, scratch resistance. We also offer professional Floor installation



Insulating qualities absorb sounds from footsteps, doesn't expand when exposed to water & easy to clean

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Beautiful & easy to clean and maintain, remarkably realistic & durable, stain & scratch resistant, wear & fade resistant



Durable, eco-friendly, affordable, naturally anti-bacterial, easy to maintain & quiet

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Carpet & Carpet Tile

It's inexpensive, quieter, soft, vertatil, easy and fast to install.

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Durable, low maintenance, water resistant, Eco-friendly

When it comes to Flooring, we have it all.

We work with the most popular and competitive Flooring brands from all major flooring manufactuters.

We provide from the sale of the floor to the installation with a superior care and service


- Floor repairs
- Back splash 
- Painting 
- Crown moldings 

Other Services:

Residential & Commercial accounts


- Baseboard
- Bath remodeling
- Carpet binding / serging
- Custom Rugs

Our work

carpet tile
laminate floors
vinyl plank
laminate floors
hardwood steps
vinyl floors
vinyl floors
Porcelain Tile
carpet tile
Porcelain Tile
carpet tile
laminate floors
laminate floors
Vinyl and carpet tile
laminate floors
tile floors
laminate floors
laminate floors
Laminate steps
laminate floors
laminate floors
carpet tile
laminate floors
vinyl floors
hardwood steps
laminate floors
commercial carpet
Porcelain Tile
wood steps
Installing Laminated Floor

We do it right the first time because customer satisfaction is our goal 

What People Say


“I am so happy with Ernie's work! My floors came out beautifully. He was so professional, punctual, and his work shows his great attention to detail. He even called me a week after the job was completed to see how I liked everything and if I was completely satisfied. The laminate is the nicest I've ever seen. The job was completed quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend him! Thanks Ernie!” 

—  Nicole B - 2018

About Ernie

Ernie's Story

Ernie came to the USA from his native country Honduras, at an early age of 17. He had to do many jobs from cleaning, sales to construction. But one day he found what it would make him an entrepreneur, floors.

At only 20 years of age, he got a job as a helper for a carpet installer.  After a few months of being a helper, his mentor, the carpet installer suddenly passed away.  At that moment, he was ready to step up and continue as an installer.   Without experience, Ernie had to learn all on his own.  Putting himself in school and taking the certifications requirements for the flooring trade.

With perseverance and commitment, he was able to succeed.  He learned all about the flooring trade and became a flooring mechanic.

Few years later, after learning all about the flooring business, and with the support of his family, he was able to open his first retail store in Davie Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL.  As business grew, he moved to a bigger location in commercial Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL. Which it was open for business until the end of 2018.  After that, he was giving the opportunity to work in the state of Minnesota for 3 years.

Now Ernie is back in s. Florida, eager and enthusiastic to go back to his beginnings.  Along his side is his right hand, Ernesto Jr, who has been learning all about the business.

Ernie is not only a floor installer but a business owner who loves to share his experience and knowledge with others.  He has trained our former and current installers.  He takes great joy in their intension to succeed.  

For this reason, we can proudly say, you will love your entire experience with Ernie's Carpets & Vinyl.

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  • Does your company provide free estimates?
    Yes, we do.
  • Are there options for non-allergenic flooring?
    Generally, hard surface flooring is better for those with allergies as it is easy to clean and unlike carpet, does not harbor dust and pollen. Experts suggest using Vinyl or Laminate for best results against allergies.
  • How do I ensure the best quality service and product when choosing new flooring?
    There are no rules that exist for choosing the best flooring for your home. Multiple factors come into play such as comfort, aesthetic features and cost. However, doing research about the product and the installer, and asking the right questions can help ensure a homeowner receives the quality and service they desire.
  • Will I need to leave extra room for my floors to expand?
    Some flooring requires an expansion gap when installing so that temperature changes and moisture do not cause cracks due to lack of breathing room. For laminate flooring, it is suggested to leave around ¼ inch depending on the size of the room, to allow for expansion. This will help the floors avoid cracking or buckling after installation.
  • Will my doors have enough clearance when installing new flooring?
    When installing new floors, homeowners should check with their contractors to confirm doors will have enough clearance to open without snagging on the new floors. If there is interference, doors should be trimmed prior to installation.
  • How can I clean and shine my hardwood floors?
    Vegetable Oil & White Vinegar: Mix equal parts vegetable oil and white vinegar together to make a simple, yet effective, cleaner for your hardwood floor. Vinegar is a natural polish that is perfect for cleaning. It's acidity will help break down dirt and grime
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